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Upcoming Events

We are busy away planning our first few events that are designed based on what we have heard from you. 

If you would like to sign up for event alerts please do so here: 

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Register tickets for an event near you here on                               (and don't forget to follow our page)

If there are any events you would like to see from us, please feel free to suggest it below:

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Conference for Women and Non-binary Doctoral Researchers in STEM (WoNDRS) will be held at the University of Liverpool on Monday 8th of July

Registration open now until 5pm 13th of May 2024 

Registration Link: 



If you interested in Tech and fancy a trip to Chester there is a monthly event with a dedication to addressing the imbalance in the tech industry - the next event in May (28th)

We'll be gathering at the ultra-modern Code Nation Chester's City Road venue, fuelled by mouth-watering pizza and refreshing drinks courtesy of our awesome sponsors Venturi!

From 7-9pm, you'll get to connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts while gearing up for a series of game-changing talks. We've assembled a line-up of brand new speakers, including several brilliant women in tech, each ready to captivate you with 10-30 minutes of insight into a topic they're uniquely passionate about.

This event celebrates the contributions of all innovators in technology, with a special focus on fostering an inclusive environment that empowers women in the field. We believe that diversity drives innovation and shapes a more equitable future.

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I would love to see some networking events, perhaps both formal and informal sessions! For example, by including group quizzes as a way to get to know more people in a different way.

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Sounds great Katrina! Trivia quizzes and game nights would be so much fun

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